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Troop is trailing two outlaws. When he is mauled by a hungry bear, his good Samaritan proves to be the sister of none other than one of those he's after. A wagon rides into Laramie with its owner hurt laying in the back. A sheriff rides in saying he's wanted elsewhere for cattle rustling but he says he has a valid brand release. Troop must get answers quick or be forced to turn him over. An Army Colonel's son, who only wants to pursue a writing career and not a military one.

Troop is given 24 hours to find him or he will be charged with desertion. A demoted sergeant wants revenge and does all he can to "help" the boy. The buffalo hunters are stirring up trouble with the Shoshone. Troop fears a bloodbath when a man is hung and he is closely related to the tribe.

It isn't until later he learns just how close.

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Troop wants no trouble while he's there from his old friends or enemies. When she doesn't arrive, he starts drinking and listening to those goading him into a showdown. A popular newspaperman is killed at a wedding. Because of the circumstances surrounding the killing, Troop suspects that it was a case of mistaken identity. But which one of the respectable townsmen is holding a grudge and against whom? A popular new chef was supposed to work for a rancher for a year after agreeing to come from Europe. However, he has a chance to be a partner in the restaurant if Troop can help him overcome the legal contract he signed.

Beth Hunter brings in Sam Turnbull's body. She claims it was done by her husband so Troop gets a posse together to go after him.


After they leave, the truth comes out and Johnny rides after them to try to prevent a miscarriage of justice. S1, Ep Jack Rollins, a famous gunfighter, comes to town on some personal business. When Troop finds out what that is he intervenes to make sure Jack's reputation doesn't hurt someone he says he cares for very much. The sole survivor of Pell Creek Bridge has been living a nightmare since the incident. The Army court martialed him for what others feel was heroism. His latest episode forces Troop to intervene before someone gets killed.

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Clay, someone from Troop's past, rides fast and far to help him meet a gang bent on getting revenge. When he is shot, Dan and Johnny must fend for themselves as they can't seem to deputize any of the locals. Ma Carey's son breaks out of jail. Troop and Johnny go after him and kill her youngest instead.

Who's bullet did the deed is kept secret by Troop and Doc as the brothers are coming for their revenge. Ike Smith's three ranch hands are young, tough and don't respect authority. He is killed trying to fire them so they go to Laramie. Troop is away and their attitude makes Johnny take notice. They won't go away without forcing a showdown. Troop befriends a convict he jailed. When the driver of the stage he's riding shotgun on is killed, talk is he's picked up his old ways with the old gang. With a posse on the hunt for them, the gang figures they can pick the town clean.

A letter from Ward Beech in Socorro, NM states he was being held for murder but he was sleeping it off in Troop's jail on that same date. When he rides there to investigate, he finds more than the sheriff is willing to hide what happened. Lorna Williams comes to Laramie seeking more than a job as a dance hall girl. She wants to avenge the man she loved. The man she is after is in Laramie but neither she nor Dan Troop has any idea what he looks like.

Released from prison after 2 years, Ben Adams wants to get on with his life. A senator is arriving on the midnight train. A plot to kill him is wired to Troop and he has little time to figure out who and why before it arrives as that hour draws near.

His ex-girlfriend just knocked on his front door. But that's not the worst part—she's dead!

A saloon girl is found dead, her head bashed in. As Troop tries to uncover the killer, a valuable ring may have been stolen from her and the likely candidate has just been killed himself. Ches Ryan, running from a bank robbery, comes upon a cabin with two children suffering from a plague. With Troop about to catch up, he stays to help but Troop gets sick too. He must now decide what's important: money or his three patients. Doc Holiday arrives in Laramie to meet a lady.

When he is forced to kill a man, the man's brothers come after him.

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When Buck Walsh's nephew shoots up the local saloon and is arrested, his efforts for freeing him are stonewalled by Troop. When his true agenda is realized, Dan and Johnny work fast to diffuse that as well. When Dan delivers Running Deer, the chief's son, to his father, Johnny is held with the promise he will die unless Troop delivers the man who did the crime - and he only has until dawn. Buck Harmon returns to Laramie with an outlaw gang planning to rob the bank. He is sent in to scout the town and finds his old friend is the deputy marshal.

See also TV Schedule. Add episode. He steered the vehicle out of the garage. Warm air flowed from the vent and, within several minutes, she was no longer chilled. Sitting next to Deegan contributed to warming her blood. He gave her a side glance across the bucket seat. Just a realist. We have a few suspicions, but nothing concrete— especially nothing that should have us traipsing all over Wyoming.

I can drop you off at the corner here and you can be back in the office in fifteen minutes. Kiersten shifted in the leather seat to look at his profile. You feel it in your bones. She swallowed hard.

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Her moment of weakness had passed and now he just infuriated her. He might be able to kill a man ten different ways, have the tracking skills of a human GPS, and look like a bad ass warrior, all things she admired, but he also had an ego the size of Mt. He reached for his phone in the console, clicked a couple of buttons, then he handed her the cell. Kiersten watched the video, then replaced the phone in the cup holder. They crossed the city limits and everything became greener and spread further apart.

She turned to look at the passing scenery as she cleared her mind. From what I can gather, RayAnn Mont grew up there and went back when she moved out of the apartment she shared with Annie. He shrugged and the arm of the T-shirt tightened on his bicep. Her eyes naturally fell to the toned, thick muscle and she quickly removed her gaze.

The peppermint eased her queasiness. The doctor said the fertility drug could make her feel this way. Deegan gave her what she gathered was his face of displeasure. His eyes were narrowed and his lips slanted. Have a little faith. From what I hear, he has his fans squirming.

Rhonda Carver. The restraint on both their parts as they fight this crazy attraction is fun to watch. Especially since Kiersten is sort of set on having a baby via invitro fertilization and Deegan has no clue about that. Which just adds to their suspect list. Rhonda Lee Carver. Rhonda Lee Carver is a published book writer with a collection of print and eBooks under her wing. She is also a freelance editor.