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Much appreciated. I love the songs and lyrics most of them thank you. However, a number have lost their live connections to Utube and other places. Bel sito complimenti! I just wanted to say that I find your site interesting and useful.

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I am an Italian instructor and I like to use songs sometimes in my classes that go along with grammar points that I am teaching. Keep the songs coming! The students really like listening to music and it is a fun way to change up the classes. It would be greatly appreciated! Good point, Jacques. Som just a suggestion… watch the video and got in the mood of the song before reading them.

I found your site through google when I was searching for Italian Idioms that I thought Italians might have used in I love the songs and each page I have gone to on your site, gives me another interesting viewpoint about Italy. For the reasons why a Carabinere could not freely marry: look here … briefly marriage is distracting and even in the rare case a Carabiniere will marry the spouse should bring some money as his wage is just enough for him and beside that a commanding officer should approve his choice bot the idea of marrying AND the woman he choose these rule are no more valid since the end of WW2 but there are still some rules about the minimum age, the minimum years of service done and the ratio between the married and not married Carabinieri.

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Great site. Enjoyed it a lot. I am a student of Italian from Israel. I sent address to all my class mates. You are great.

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We can learn a lot and enjoy. Thanks again to everybody for your kind comments.

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  5. For those who have requested specific songs, I will get to them eventually…. I am also member in a choir and like to sing so…Was a trip i Sorrento in Easter this year and traied to speak Italien for first time- now I can also do it in a funny way. A good thing from you to me.

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    Ti voglio bene. Everybody: I am trying to catch up on all the requests. Deirdre: Tu sei bella,inteligente,etc,etc. Thanks ever so much for all you do. Again many, many thanks for your efforts on behalf of Italian. You saw Modugno? Hope this helps! I am from Puerto Rico and Spanish is my language. Complimenti per il sito e chi lo gestisce, e scusate per il pessimo inglese! They are fun songs! Keep it up, you are loved for sure! I enjoyed the video of the songs from Agguingi un posto a tavola.

    Do you knw where I can get the entire video…in Italian? Thanks Tom DiLallo. There have been several editions released on VHS and DVD, most recently a couple of months ago, an early production was part of a set of Italian musicals sold with one of the newspapers. I just found your site and greatly appreciate the songs and lyrics. They are older songs and I was wondering whether you do modern ones as well. Could you please help? Many thanks. This is great!

    I am an Italian teacher and I plan on using songs in my teaching. Mille grazi!!! Keep them coming! I plan on going through all the songs before long.

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    The italian songs and translations were very good listening,and reading. Grazie Tanti,bob. Leaving aside my love for his songs some really say something about italian life and society. Thanks a lot! Christo Dimitrov, Collector of modern postcards in color. Non avete nessun libro letto. Non ci hanno risposto neanche. Non ho niente mangiato. Non ci hanno nemmeno risposto.

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