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Lost Light is Connelly's shortest and lightest Bosch.

Full Interview: Michael Connelly on Dateline NBC

Not coincidentally, it is also his first since moving his wife and young daughter from Los Angeles to Tampa two years ago. Even the best series seem to have their down moments or stale moments.

Bosch's Titus Welliver & Michael Connelly

I'm just searching for ways to avoid that. I don't know if this book does that, but it helped re-energize me to take Harry in a new direction, both in his fictional life and in my writing life, by working in first person with him. All of that added up to make this one of the better writing periods I have had, and as a believer that what happens in the writing process happens in the reading process, I hope that this new direction will be a successful one—for him and me.

A lot has happened in our world since we last saw Bosch. That's one of the reasons that I'm drawn to them and like them," says Connelly. It's changed for the better in some ways and for the worse in others, and it's a worthy thing to look at in fiction.

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That's how I feel, too: stuck in the middle. On some days I think, what are we doing? Why have we gone so extreme in changing the rules? Then on other days I think, we've got to get out there and do more. I've got a six-year-old daughter, and on those days I'm all for throwing every rule to the wind and doing what we have to do.

Michael Connelly Interview – Key Fundamentals of Storytelling

I have the same kind of dilemma everybody has. Lost Light ends on an unusually happy note for this generally somber series. Appropriately, Connelly chose to mark the occasion by pressing at his own expense a CD of cool jazz classics entitled "Dark Sacred Night: The Music of Harry Bosch," to give to devoted fans at book signings. It's the music that Connelly listens to when he crafts his Bosch novels and the ones Harry often slides into the CD player.

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But it seems appropriate for him. He's a loner and this kind of music plays into that. Connelly plans to let Harry tell it again for one more outing as a PI. After that, he's thinking of luring him out of retirement to work with the L. District Attorney's office on a special project tracking down unsolved "cold cases.

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This is a room with which Connelly is intimately familiar from his years as a crime reporter, and one of his aims in writing The Scarecrow was to focus on the sad decline of newspapers like the Times. It will be splintered among websites and blogs. Perhaps more important is the loss of a watchdog. Who will keep an eye on the small stuff?

Michael Connelly: From Bosch and Ballard to real-life detectives

Who will uncover the small corruptions that lead to the big ones? Will the bloggers do it? Will websites do it? His story focuses on Alonzo Winslow, a year-old journeyman felon charged with rape and murder. And how can one write about this stuff without giving real-life villains usable ideas? Most of the time, unfortunately, I am not plowing new ground.

The bad guy in The Scarecrow may be unique, but the use of the Internet for nefarious deeds is nothing new. This so-called Craigslist Killer would be a case in point. The real thing is always much worse in reality than anything I put into fiction.

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